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The Need for CSR Diary

Young people are increasingly agents of Change with a determination to drive reforms. With over a hundred million volunteering acts recorded across the globe last year; volunteering is now at the center stage not only for youth but for corporates as well. It is the center stage of CSR strategy for many corporates and the ideal way to reach out to and understand the communities they serve.

CSR Diary is a platform which encourages volunteering and promotes the same through gamification and certification of volunteering efforts..

While every person, corporate and government has a particular cause close to its heart and purpose; we at CSR Diary are supportive to every action. We believe every action counts!!

We are happy to connect with NGOs, verify your volunteering deeds and provide certifications for the same. We provide our platform to corporates who are keen to gamify the volunteering efforts of their employees and strengthen their teams, and reach out to the communities they serve.

Finally, not the least, we believe every CEO's speech in the financial statement should begin with "the number of hours their employees have served their communities". This is in our opinion true CSR

CSR Diary as a Catalyst

Countries today are keen to effectively integrate volunteerism within national frameworks enabling better engagement of people in development processes. CSR Diary acts as a catalyst providing verification services, gamification services and organizing competitions with the overall purpose to make volunteering fun.

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The Ultimate Positive Branding

The Ultimate Positive Branding on Social media is your employees declaring their actions for the community you serve. Volunteering as a part of your CSR strategy is probably the activity with the biggest payoff. There is no bigger branding exercise than your employees working with the community you serve. This also creates a first hand knowledge of the community for your employees; leading to a better understanding; resulting in superior customer service and product management.

CSR Olympiad

The CSR Olympiad has begun, what is your score ?

Entries are invited for a 100 day race to volunteer. Any cause – any place – through any NGO….plain and simple. This is a race between employees of the company and also between all members of CSR Diary.

Members keen to participate in this race are requested to register for the race through their HR. In case your company does not believe in the power of volunteering, please reach us directly at
CSR Diary Volunteers work for (partial list):