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CSR Diary is the ideal platform for gamification of your volunteering efforts. While the primary purpose is to promote volunteering by making it fun: the platform also helps you strengthen the bonding between your employees through gamification and competitions, additionally this platform helps students & working professionals showcase their interest in civic duties.

This platform is ideal to create a positive brand association for your brand on social media.

This platform is the connect between governments and public at large through the 'Volunteer Army'. We function like a crowd sourcing mechanism for governments and civic bodies.

Citizens are encouraged to enrol for the 'On Demand – Volunteer Army' on CSR Diary – A list of potential volunteers which governments and civic bodies can rely upon in times of crisis or calamities.

CSR Diary Gamifies volunteering to make it fun and all inclusive. Teams compete against each other on this platform which doubles the fun while you benefit from the positive branding.
  • Dr. Mitez Sheth
  • Dr. Ramanujam Mysore
  • Mr. Santosh R.

For alliance opportunities, please write to us at info@csrdiary.com.
Human Capital is one of the most critical assets. CSR Diary believes in creating a vibrant young team. Our people strategies are designed to enable our employees to enhance their competencies.

We are looking for talented, dedicated & enthusiastic people. If you would like to be part of our team, please email a copy of your resume to coordinator@csrdiary.com.
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Dr. Mitez Sheth | +91 9833570282 | CEO@csrdiary.com | mitesheth@gmail.com

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